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"Don't talk with your mouth full!" - 1999 + 2016

Discover the secret of the Bread-slicing - move your finger over the slice of bread!

For prehistoric man, the bread cutting was an important way of passing the time. I guess, like me, You have probably been surprised in your childhood, about the countless and irregular holes in the bread slice. I was researching about this subject since decades. The use of bread is not reduced on smear the butter on it.

The perforated surface of the slice of bread is a code. It is encoded sound-information. The original form of the phonograph. The cutting of bread is important. The individuals are cutting a bread differently, subjective. The bread recognizes the state of mind of man. To restore the harmony of the soul, the bread is giving the necessary disk. Through the sense of touch (Finger), the sounds are directly forwarded to the brain.

The baker, the creator of bread, has an enormously large responsibility. With the bread he bakes our mental well-being. The baker needs to know his bread-slicer very well. The industrial bread-making is therefore rejected! It leads to uniformity of psychic life. The loss of bakers takes us away from the root of human existence.

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