andreas Loeschner-Gornau





"Don't talk with your mouth full!" - 1999 + 2016

The Scanning Table


A monitor was embedded in the table. Each item of food on the table, which is meant to be eaten by the visitors, is bar coded. With a hand scanner the visitor can scan the bar codes and so trigger images and sampled sound sequences controlled by my special software.

The pictures show various situations at table. Special occasions, like birthdays, confirmations, and other celebrations always provide motifs "at table" for the family album.

A collection of those albums became the archive: "Society at table".


Each picture is linked to a sound sequence, as an indirectly associating conversations at table. The technical element (the connection of sound and image made by the computer) makes the relationships perceptible.



Andreas Loeschner-Gornau earthly, global and vegan Artist / Who needs still political borders and politicians?