andreas Loeschner-Gornau





Teapots and tea bowls - Ceramics

" Tea Oasis " 2013 / Ceramics and cotton(crocheting) / 21x23x28cm (approximately)

I have invented a new ceramic material: Ceramics without fire and waterproof. It is made of natural materials. The costs are not higher than in conventional ceramics.  I do not reach the hardness of porcelain. The clay can be stained with stains, also the glaze. Ceramics only with a Fire?

We follow and copy something, instead of being creative. We follow and copy something, rather than to be creative. This creates dependencies, and "bondage". ... .....................             "panta rhei" Heraklit - "everything flows"


Andreas Loeschner-Gornau earthly, global and vegan Artist / Who needs still political borders and politicians?